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"A work of art is the trace of a magnificent struggle" Robert Henri

art spirit films
art spirit films
Dianne B. Bernhard

Executive Producer


Founder of Art Spirit Foundation, Dianne is an accomplished painter, teacher, arts advocate and devoted patron.  As a young artist she picked up a copy of Robert Henri's acclaimed book of anecdotes, The Art Spirit.  The wisdom that was revealed sketched a plan for living that was imprinted upon her heart.  Art was life, and life was art: they could be one and the same providing a joyous experience of the universe.


Dianne most recently served as board president of The National Arts Club and currently serves as the Director of Fine Arts of the same, where she continues her commitment to promote the arts and create platforms for art and artists of all mediums.


Angela Bernhard Thomas



Angela is an Independent Filmmaker based in NYC.  Projects include Art Spirit's documentary, Everett Raymond Kinstler; An Artist's Journey, acquired by PBS, Producer at Waiting for Mamu, a documentary on the life of Pushpa Basnet, CNN Hero of the Year. Her most rccent project, The Inventor, is being produced in association with California Pictures.

She also currently volunteers her creative energy to event production and program planning at The National Arts Club and serves as president of The Butterfly Home-USA, an organization committed to supporting children's rights issues through the work of Pushpa Basnet, CNN Hero of the Year, in Kathmandu, Nepal.


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